Lead cord

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Bernina: 120 (bernina)
Bernina: 125
Bernina: 130 (bernina)
Bernina: 140 (bernina)
Bernina: 150 (bernina)
Bernina: 160 (bernina)
Bernina: 170
Bernina: 190 (bernina)
Brother: 845
PFAFF: 2020
Brother: CS8100
Brother: CS8200
Bernina: Deco 500
Bernina: Deco 600
Brother: NV4000D
Brother: NX200
Brother: NX400
Brother: NX600
Brother: PC2800
Brother: PC3000
Brother: PC5000
Brother: PC6000
Brother: PC6500
Brother: PC7000
Brother: PC7500
Brother: PC8000
Brother: PE100
Brother: PE150
Brother: PE180D
Brother: PE200
Brother: PE300S
Brother: PE400D
Brother: PC8200
Brother: PC8500
Brother: PL1500
Brother: PL2000
Brother: PQ1300
Brother: PQ1500
Brother: PS1900
Brother: PS1950
Brother: PS2100
Brother: PS2200
Brother: PS2300
Brother: PS2500
Brother: ULT2001
Brother: ULT2002
Brother: PL1600
Babylock: BL7500
Babylock: BL8000
Babylock: BL8500
Babylock: BL9500
Babylock: ESN
Babylock: ESI
Babylock: ESI2
Babylock: EMI1
Babylock: ESE
Babylock: ESE2
Babylock: ESG Ellageo
Babylock: BL6700
Babylock: BLCC
Babylock: BLDC
Babylock: BLQC
Babylock: BLG
Brother: PC8895
Babylock: EM2- ESPREE
Brother: CS8060
Brother: CS8150
Babylock: INT
Bernina: 135
Bernina: 145 (bernina)
Bernina: 153 (bernina)
Bernina: 155
Bernina: 163
Bernina: 165
Bernina: 200 (bernina)
Brother: NV500D
Brother: SE270D
Singer: 7422
Singer: 7424
Singer: 7426
Singer: 7442
Singer: 7444
Singer: 7446
Singer: 7462
Singer: 7464
Singer: 7466

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