Contact us and FAQ
1 Ways to contact us
1.1 What is the best way to contact us?

The best way is by email, here are our email adresses by department:

St-Hubert Store

Laval Store

Sherbrooke Store

1.2 With Messenger

You can contact us by clicking on the messenger app Icon at the bottom right corner on our website.

1.3 Via our Facebook page

Click here to go to our Facebook page. 

1.4 By calling us

St-Hubert: 450-443-0888 

  • For sales extension 221
  • For classes and informations extension 222
  • For our repair services extension 223
  • For suppliers extension 229
  • For web orders extension 238
  • For the administration extension 224

Laval: 450-241-0888

  • For sales extension 121
  • For classes and informations extension 122
  • For our repair services extension 126

Sherbrooke: 819-791-5008

  • For sales extension 321
  • For classes and informations extension 322
  • For our repair services extension 326
2 Questions about the website
2.1 Why do you need my machine's model?

Certain products will for your machine's model before adding it to the cart so that we may verify if the product is compatible. Even if that field is absent, you may ask us about product compatibility at any time.

2.2 Is everything on your website in sock?

No, but we try as often as possible to indicate it if a product is out of stock. Don't hesitate to contact us to confirm the availability of a product.

2.3 Why is the product On demand only ?

This means we do not keep a steady stock of this product. We will order it from our supplier when you order, and we will keep you updated with delays.

2.4 If I buy a machine, will it be new ?

Except when indicated otherwise, all of the products sold on our website are brand new.

We have a great selection of used and refurbished machines. They are inspected before resale and come in all shapes and prices. Contact us for more details !

3 Processing orders
3.1 I made an order, but I changed my mind?

As soon as you complete a cart, an order will be created. If you haven't completed the payment, an automatic email will be sent as a reminder. We cancel any unpaid order after two weeks. We do not process unpaid orders, so you may create them to estimate costs without worry. 

If you've completed the payment of your order and would like to cancel it or return any products, please redirect to our return policy page or contact us at [email protected] for more information.


3.2 What does my status means?

When viewing your orders on your account, each order has a status showing what stage your order is in.

  • "Awaiting payment" means the order is still unpaid and will not be processed. If payment is not completed within two weeks, we cancel the order so there is no obligation on your part.
  • "Preparing For Delivery" or "Processing Pick-Up" Your order has been printed and is being prepared for shipping for pick-up. Every order that is picked-up also has their assigned store in the status. If anything comes up with your order, we will contact you about it.
  • "Transfer" The store you picked for pick-up will process your order soon.
  • "Processing for Transit" The store you picked for pick-up doesn't have all of your products, so they will be transferred from another store.
  • "In Transit Between Stores" Your order is on its way to the store you chose for pick-up. We will contact you as soon as it's arrived.
  • "Ordered From Supplier" Sometimes, product take a bit longer to arrive, after informing you that something is missing, we change your order status so you may know we are waiting to receive your product from our supplier. You can contact us for updates at any time.
  • "Client has to Contact Us" We have contacted you either by phone, Messenger or email and are waiting for your answer to continue with your order. Please make sure to check your spam folder.
  • "We will Contact the Client" We have to contact you about something concerning your order, but haven't had the time to do so yet. Keep an eye out for any incoming email or call.
  • "Ready for Pick-up" Someone will contact you and inform you that your order is ready.
  • "Ready to Ship" Your order should ship shortly, we will send you a tracking number when it does if it applies.
  • "Canada Post pick-up pending" Canada Post orders will sometimes have their tracking numbers the day before, this status means that your order is waiting on Canada Post to come pick it up.
  • "Cancelled" The order has been cancelled, this never happens without contacting the client first if the payment has been completed. 
  • "Completed" The order has been completed, you should have your tracking number if the order is shipped or your products if the order is picked up.

If you have any questions about your order or its status you can contact us at [email protected]


4 Other information
4.1 I have a question about something else?

For more information about shipping and returns, please refer to our Shipping and return policy.

For more information concerning our payment methods, click here.

For more information specifically on financing with Paybright, click here.

If you haven't found the answers you're looking for, feel free ton contact us by phone, Messenger or email.

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