Embroidery hoop generic 3pcs

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Article number: Comparable a SA431, SA432, SA434
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Generic SA431 : Small Hoop: 2" x 1.5" (60mm x 40mm) Embroidery Area SA432 : Medium Hoop: 4" x 4" (100mm x 100mm) Embroidery Area SA434 : Large Hoop: 4" x 6" (100mm x 170mm) Embroidery Area


Brother:  SE-270D, SE-350, SE-400, SE-425, SE-600, SE-625, PE-300S, PE-400D, PE500,PE550D, PE535, PE550D HE1, HE-120, HE-240, LB-6770, LB-6770PRW, LB-6800PRW ,LB6810, LB7000BNDL,SB7050E Simplicity, SB7500, Innov-is NV90, Innov-is NV90E, Innov-is NV95E, Innov-is NV97E, Innov-is NV500, Innov-is NV500D, Innov-is NV900, Innov-is NV900D, Innov-is NV950, Innov-is NV950D, Innov-is NV950E, Innov-is NV955, Innov-is NV990D, Innov-is NS1750D, Innov-is NV180, Innov-is NV180D M240ED, M230E, M280D, NV1750D, SE600, 


Baby Lock: Intrigue, Sofia A-Line BL137A 

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