Transparent foot near the edge

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The Clear Edge/Joining Foot guides decorative stitching over
a seam, or marked line. The tunnel on the bottom of the foot
allows the stitches to form perfectly and feed flawlessly. The
fl ange in the center of the foot keeps the stitches aligned perfectly
with the seam or marked line. Anytime your
SEWING ADVISOR™ feature or GraphicDisplay recommends
the “B” foot, use the Clear Edge/Joining Foot when sewing
along a seam or marked line.
1. Snap on the Clear Edge/Joining Foot.
2. Place the seam or marked line under center flange of the foot.
3. Select the decorative stitch of your choice.
4. Sew, keeping the flange, aligned with the seam or line as you sew.

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